Kirsty (hello_kirsty) wrote in rcia,

A bit of an awkward question

I'm getting married next year in Feb, and it's only been since planning everything and booking and signing contracts etc that I've realised how important it is to me to be married as a Catholic.

I started RCIA early last year, but stopped after I think two months, and I didn't go back in september to be baptised this year either. From my understanding, RCIA generally starts in september, for those participating to be baptised the following easter.

So my question is, are baptisms done at any other time of year, or is it only Easter? Would I be able to be baptised before my Feb 24th wedding next year? I know I really should have thought about this before planning my wedding, but it really didn't sink in how important it was until it was already in motion, and now I can't change our reception date.

Any help would be fantastic :)
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