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[24 Apr 2011|12:42pm]

Congratulations and welcome home to everyone who was baptized and/or confirmed last night! <3 :)
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A bit of an awkward question [01 Aug 2010|03:29pm]

I'm getting married next year in Feb, and it's only been since planning everything and booking and signing contracts etc that I've realised how important it is to me to be married as a Catholic.

I started RCIA early last year, but stopped after I think two months, and I didn't go back in september to be baptised this year either. From my understanding, RCIA generally starts in september, for those participating to be baptised the following easter.

So my question is, are baptisms done at any other time of year, or is it only Easter? Would I be able to be baptised before my Feb 24th wedding next year? I know I really should have thought about this before planning my wedding, but it really didn't sink in how important it was until it was already in motion, and now I can't change our reception date.

Any help would be fantastic :)
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He is Risen! [04 Apr 2010|02:00am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Happy Easter, and a huge "Welcome home!" to any candidates who joined the Church tonight (or will join later this year). I'm a one-year-old Catholic and I've come to the conclusion that allowing the Holy Spirit to convert me to Catholicism was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Congratulations to all of you!

Who are our newest Catholics? I would love to hear your stories! Make a new post and tell us all who you are and how you found yourself called home.

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[20 Sep 2009|07:47am]

Hi everyone.

I've been interested in Catholicism for a few years now. You see, my grandparents were Catholic but my parents lapsed and didn't raise me in the Church, and I was raised as a Methodist. But I have always felt drawn to Catholicism. I've studied it, its history, its doctrines, and everything else about it for three years or more. I have decided to convert, and feel that God has led me to the Church. My question: how do I start the process of the RCIA? Go to the local parish and talk to the priest about it? Any thoughts/suggestions/insights/experiences on the matter would be appreciated :).

God bless!
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The Best Easter of my Life! [12 Apr 2009|11:55pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

I have been going through the RCIA process since September. Last night, I was Confirmed and entered into full Communion with the Catholic Church! I am indescribably happy with my decision and so very thankful that I was guided on the path God wanted me to take.

For anyone interested in my spiritual journey, I've posted my conversion story on my LiveJournal. My account of the Easter Vigil can be found on my previous entry.

I hope everyone has had a very happy and blessed Easter!

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My Spiritual Journey Thus Far [13 Dec 2008|11:50am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all! I'm a Candidate in this year's RCIA process and a new member to this community, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm actually in the process of writing up my RCIA journey in a very, very, very long entry to be posted in my LJ on Easter, but I'll do my best to summarize here.

I was baptized Catholic as an infant, but was raised non-denominational with a bit of Quaker influence. Especially after my period of spiritual questioning in high school, I was perfectly fine with being a non-denominational Christian. Who am I to decide what the truth is, right? It's the big picture that matters, I thought.

I started attending mass when I met my sweetheart over 6 years ago. That first year, I went through most of the RCIA process and declined. It wasn't the right time, I suppose. Ever since then, he's been lightly encouraging me to reconsider. Last summer, he convinced me to agree to sign up again, and along with encouragement from a church friend (now my sponsor), I actually followed up on that promise (we're in a long-distance relationship, so he couldn't be here to make sure I actually signed up like I said I would).

At first I was pretty sure I was wasting my time and getting others' hopes up for nothing because I wasn't going to convert. My pride in my own personal interpretations of scripture blinded me from looking at God's word with an open mind and open heart. My very first hurdles were sola scriptura and sola fida. My non-denominational upbringing was heavily Protestant-oriented, so I had never questioned those concepts before. Once I began to really think about origins, history, and authority, I was able to open my mind to consider things I had previously rejected off-hand.

What really converted me was Holy Communion. I had read about the Eucharist before, but I had never really got it. One Sunday in October, I started bawling in church because I finally understood what I was witnessing. What a powerful experience and a wonderful gift! I knew then that I wanted to become Catholic, and I can't wait until Easter so that I may become part of it all!

I've come a long way since September, but I still have a long way to go. I've been soaking up information and reading lots of books, so posts like the previous one here with comments are very useful. I'm learning huge amounts of information that I'm actually shocked I spent my whole life as a Christian not knowing. I was never taught any of this stuff, but it's all so important. The more I learn, the more excited I get. Even better, the more I know, the more I'm able to appreciate the beauty in it all. I'm in love with the Church, and I'm pretty sure I'm becoming a theology geek. ;)

When I signed up for RCIA classes in August, I was convinced that I was taking this on at exactly the wrong time because I'm going through a crazy-busy period of my life right now. Now, I'm convinced that this is exactly the right time. It's a huge challenge and a constant struggle, but I can see my life changing as I try to reorient myself to put God and my faith at the center of my life. Prayers help greatly, such as the rosary, which I'm still in the process of learning. Any prayers you wish to offer would be welcomed and appreciated!

Thank you all for giving me a chance to tell my story-in-progress. God bless you all, and have a very joyous Christmas!

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RCIA Library [12 Oct 2008|11:07pm]

I'm working on putting together a small library for the use of RCIA inquirers and candidates in our parish, and I'm coming to ask your help.  Are there books you could recommend that would be useful for people in RCIA?  I'm already planning on getting Catholic Q & A by John Dietzen and Catholicism for Dummies.   I figured getting personal recommendations from people involved would be quite valuable.  I certainly know that what a person would find helpful would depend on where he or she is on the spiritual journey, but a variety of books to start with  is what I'm hoping for.

Thanks for any help you can give, and I hope your RCIA experience so far has been very good.
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[26 Sep 2008|10:03am]

I just had my first RCIA class last night, and I'm curious:

How many RCIA candidates are in your class?
What was the first meeting like for you?
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[08 Sep 2008|08:19pm]

My husband and I are hoping to start RCIA next week. We just moved to this city and we just started attending the church we'll be going to RCIA at.

Anyway, we're supposed to meet with the priest before we can sign up for RCIA. Our meeting is on Thursday, and I'm just wondering what to expect at the meeting.

Did anyone else have to meet with their priest before being able to start RCIA? If so, what was the meeting for/about?

I'm just curious. :) And extremely anxious/excited!
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First meeting of RCIA [04 Sep 2008|11:32pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Well...I just joined this community. LJ seemed to have issues when I clicked on the community, so I didn't get to read any of the info.

Anyway, we just had our first RCIA meeting of the year. I'm a candidate. I've been attending the Catholic church here for about five years. I sat in on all of the classes a couple of years ago to learn more about the faith and history of the Catholic church, and this year I felt like I was ready to fully become a member of the church. I'm really looking forward to reading about others' experiences going through this process. (There are only three others going through RCIA so far in my church.)

I'll probably add more info later, but I'm not sure what else to say at the moment.

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Happy Easter! [23 Mar 2008|03:19pm]

Welcome to all those who were baptized at the Easter Vigil!  You have come home, and we are all family! 
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to the catechumens and candidates... [22 Mar 2008|03:20pm]

[ mood | excited ]

to anyone being received into the church tonight... I hope your Easter vigil service is wonderful! May you receive the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Congratulations and Happy Easter! Tell us how it goes. I was one of last year's batch, so I'm really excited for you :)

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What is your Catholic spirituality? [13 Mar 2008|10:33pm]


Can't say I'm really surprised about the results:
  1. Dominican
  2. Jesuit
  3. Benedictine
  4. Franciscan
  5. Opus Dei
  6. Missionaries of Charity
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Pray for Peace [28 Dec 2007|09:24pm]

 While we should always pray for peace, it is especially important to pray for peace in the aftermath of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

On Rosary Army there was some discussion that we should repeat the tactics that were taken when war with Russia seemed imminent...
Please join us all in Praying the Rosary Daily for Peace.

and if you can, add prayers for the healing of the hearts and conversion of the region.

(if you feel called to do more, perhaps you could donate to Rosary Army's fund raising appeal, and help give everyone who wants one, their own Rosary to pray for peace as well.)
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prayers please [12 Dec 2007|12:02pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

the woman who has always been my example of what a good Catholic means....
has just been sent home form the hospital, the cancer is too fast, and too far gone. they cant do anymore.

please pray for Lynn, known in the Lj community as Ladyrowansplace, and her family and friends.

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Introduction [27 Nov 2007|07:22pm]

After silently watching this community for a bit, I wanted to introduce myself. :)

I'm currently going through RCIA classes sponsored by the Campus Ministry of Saint Louis University (where I am a graduate student). We celebrated our Rite of Welcoming a week ago.

The process of becoming Catholic has been a life-long journey for me, but I only began to think about conversion two years ago, when I transferred to SLU (which is a Jesuit, Catholic university).  A variety of factors, including life experiences, my theology and philosophy classes in college, my personal reading and prayer, and contact with godly men and women have all been influential.

I'm thrilled to finally be taking this step, and it's nice to read about the experiences of others on LiveJournal, of all places. :)

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[26 Nov 2007|10:15pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Today I went to San Carlos and introduced myself around, and was greeted by such fun and warm people!

I filled out the info to become a parish member, and got to meet with Sister Maria, who is in charge of RCIA matters.

Not only was it nice to hear that the church here has a year-round RCIA, but Sister Maria is looking to start the next class in either December or January!

And so I'm on my way. :)

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Hi! [25 Nov 2007|08:57pm]

Greetings and Salutations!

After a long bout of contemplation, I am finally taking the steps to become Catholic.

I was baptized at my home church, a Church of Christ, when I was 16. I had asked Jesus into my heart in either 3rd or 4th grade, but it was the months before my baptism that I began to seriously grasp my Christianity.  I have a general interest in religion, and that basically led me to the Catholic church at some point. To be in a Catholic church is simply an amazing comfort to me; and so much of my own moral base is what Catholicism teaches. It just made so much sense to do this, not simply for myself, but out of reverence for Christ.

I haven't begun RCIA yet. In fact, tomorrow will be the first time I will have stepped foot into a Catholic church in months. I recently moved to Monterey, Ca from Smalltown, Michigan.  So while my decision is made and my heart is convicted, I don't know if I'll be able to begin RCIA this year. Either way, we shall see!
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Pope Asks Pharmacists To Just Say No [01 Nov 2007|09:15am]

Umm isn't he attacking the wrong people? Shouldn't he be talking to women who have abortions and Dr's who prescribe the meds?
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Another prayer request... [26 Oct 2007|02:11pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Peace and good will, all! I've been through RCIA (class of '01!) and I hope you're having as wonderful time with yours as I did when I went through. The reason I'm here today is one of the men who came though with me passed away last week. The family was and is going through several difficulties and you can see the strain in his wife's eyes. If you could keep him and his family in your prayers it would be greatly apreciated.

Thank you and God bless!

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